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Miss April 2014 Shanice Jordyn is a dental assistant and former point guard. Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Shanice moved to the Southwest as a teenager, graduated from Mountain Pointe High School in 2010, and has taken college classes online at Arizona State. “I live in Tempe, and I love the weather there,” she told Playboy. “Hot and sunny all year round. Shorts and tank tops every day!”
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Before she knew it, Shanice was in Southern California meeting Hugh Hefner and shooting the centerfold as Miss April 2014. “I never thought that I would become a Playmate,” she said. “I’d never even modeled before, let alone posed nude. But it ended up being a lot of fun.” Shanice’s photo shoot included a visit to a roller rink. “I actually roller-skated naked!” she said. When it comes to men, Shanice knows exactly what she likes: “tall, lean, basketball-playing guys who have mad swag. And tattoos don’t hurt, either. You know, like on an NBA player!” Her number one turnoff is bad teeth. “Brush and floss, boys! And while you’re at it, make sure your Jordans are just as clean.”

“I can be shy at first, but not once you get to know me,” she told Playboy. “When it comes to dates, active stuff wins you big kisses. Amusement parks, hikes, or basketball games are perfect!” She’s not looking to be wined and dined. “I’m not romantic at all. Not one bit. I mean, I’m an athlete—my ideal date would be courtside seats at a basketball game. No candlelit dinners for me!”

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