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I started Body in Mind 15 years ago in order to feature my drawings and paintings of the most beautiful women I could imagine. My style has always been one of high realism – higher than was technically possible using traditional media, so I was always frustrated, never quite able to produce the photo realism I desired. So lately Leanne and I have taken up photography for BiM so that I can create the kind of images I’ve always wanted to paint.

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This gallery of Rachelle Wilde as the Goddess of Spring is an example. I’ve worked very hard to develop a lighting style that can make a photo look like a painting so that I can “paint” with my camera. And I believe with this set we have succeeded very well indeed. Several of the photos are exactly the way I would have chosen to paint them: I wouldn’t change a thing. That is actually what makes a painting art: there is nothing in it the artist did not want to be in it and nothing he wanted to be in it that is not there. This is why photography is rarely art: it’s extremely difficult to control what ends up in a photo. But with this set I believe we have succeeded. The light in these photos of Rachelle makes them look like paintings. And everything else makes them look like art. Who knows…maybe they are. In any event, I’m proud to be showing these “painting-photos” on BiM.

Since 1997, Body in Mind has created super beautiful images of women by adding the glow of morality and the mind to the female nude. The resulting nude photos are more powerful than porn and more uplifting than art. We call them super nudes. Our idea of mixing nudity and moral values – nudes with a wholesome twist – is everywhere now. Today BiM is simply the most tasteful, thoughtful and influential nude website online. Body in Mind takes female beauty and nude photos to the next level, time and time again, to the delight of our members, and our competition. Becoming part of the Body in Mind community is an essential for any true admirer of female beauty and nude photos of beautiful women. Always has been; always will.

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